Surgical Co-Management

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Eye Surgery Consultation and Care

If you think you may need eye surgery, our doctor offers expertise to give you professional, unbiased recommendations on what surgery is the right path for you. We can provide pre-surgical testing and post-operative care to ensure you are well taken care of both before and after surgery.

Collaborative Care with Top Surgeons

We work with the top surgeons in the Columbus area to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. Ocular surgery can be very intimidating and we know you will have lots of questions. We are there for you along the way to answer all your questions, offer reassurance, and ensure the best health for your eyes so you can enjoy everything you love most in life!

Customized Evaluation for LASIK and Alternatives

If you are thinking of LASIK but not sure if it is right for you, we can evaluate your eye health, prescription and lifestyle needs to help you determine the best path. Some patients who are not eligible for LASIK may be eligible for PRK or Clear Lens Exchange. We can help guide you through the available options so you know you are making an informed decision.

Understanding Cataracts and Treatment Options

A 2015 survey estimated that in the U.S., over 24.4 million people ages 40 and older are affected by cataracts. Cataracts occur when the eye lens tissue is affected by age or injury, causing your natural lens to become thick, less transparent, and inflexible. Today, patients have higher expectations regarding their vision, seeking treatments that give them the freedom that comes with renewed sight. When we’re unable to see clearly, it can have a significant impact on how we experience our daily lives. If the gradual clouding of the natural lenses in your eyes starts to impact your vision and day-to-day activities, we may suggest cataract surgery. If and when you are ready to learn more about cataract surgery we will discuss what to expect before, during, and after surgery. We will provide more of your care both before and after surgery which allows our patients more time to ask questions, discuss concerns, and confide in a doctor and staff that they know well.

Advanced Lens Implants and Treatment Options

Many patients are opting for customized lens implants that correct astigmatism and may allow you to see both far away and up close. We can discuss the pros and cons of this exciting technology to determine if it is a good fit for you.

Comprehensive Surgical Services

We can also assess and refer patients for the following surgeries:

  • Lid Ptosis/Lid Lift
  • Ectropion/Entropion

  • Lid Laxity

  • Strabismus/Eye Turn

  • Glaucoma

    • Peripheral iridotomy​

    • Trabeculoplasty

    • SLT/ALT

    • Micro-invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

  • Thyroid Eye Disease

  • Retinal Tear/Detachment

  • NTACS/Implantable Contact Lenses

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