Children's Vision

Children's Vision

We love providing children’s eye care- those smiling faces and cute personalities are often our favorite part of the day! The best way to ensure a lifetime of healthy vision is to start young! Children grow very quickly- they are constantly growing and changing, and their eyes are too. A vision screening with a pediatrician can be helpful to catch very large problems but a comprehensive exam is essential to evaluate all aspects of the visual system.

Young girl wearing glasses playing with blocks
young boy

The first eye exam is recommended between 6 and 12 months of age and then yearly as children are growing. We strive to make these visits fun, engaging and informative. We are available to answer all questions from both parents and children alike!

Children's Exams include:

Visual Acuity

Eye Coordination

Tracking Abilities

Eye Focusing

Color Vision

Ocular Health

We are proud to be an INFANTSEE provider with the American Optometric Association. This public health program, supported by Optometry Cares- The AOA Foundation supports access to eye health with optometry practices like The Eye Care Studio with a one time, no charge exam for infants ages 6-12month.

Children's Exam- What To Expect

Lots of change happens between infancy, toddlerhood, and childhood and we are here to make sure your child is seeing his or her best through all of it! We have put together a short video to help prepare our little patients for their exam. It will put their minds at ease and help them see how fun an eye exam can be!