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Summer Eye Care Tips

Summer is finally here! Are you prepared to protect your eyes?! Follow these simple tips

to make sure your eyes are protected while you enjoy this wonderful season!

Wear Sunglasses When Outside

Even when it is cloudy or overcast, the sun's rays can cause UV damage to the eyes which can lead to cataracts, age related macular degeneration and even keratitis ( a sunburn on the ocular surface). If you are on the water, the suns rays reflect off so sun protection is even more important. Choose a polarized lens to cut down glare!

Wear Eye-Safe SPF

10% of skin cancers happen on the eyelids so make sure you are not skipping this area when you apply sunscreen. Choose an eye-safe SPF that can be applied to the lids without causing irritation. Our favorite brand is Epionce. This botanical based, physician strength line offers a tinted SPF that gives you great protection from UV rays and moisturizes your skin at the same time. Look for SPF 50 or higher.

Use Protective Glasses

Summertime often brings a lot more yard work, home improvement projects and some more opportunities for outdoor sports. Make sure you are protecting your eyes from debris and fast moving objects when you are beautifying your home and exploring the great outdoors. Always wear protective glasses when mowing, weed-wacking, and using any machine that spins or moves at a high speed. If you are working in a dusty environment or clearing out yard waste be sure you have tight-fitting glasses to prevent accidents. When biking, hiking, climbing, and running protect your eyes with sunglasses.

Do Not Attempt to Set Off Fireworks without Proper Training

We cannot tell you how damaging accidents with fireworks can be to the eyes. Dr. Cline has treated multiple patients with significant burns in and around the eyes due to fireworks. This often creates permanent scars that not only leave a patient with reduced vision but are also cosmetically unwanted. Leave fireworks to the professionals so you can continue to see and enjoy the summertime festivities for years to come!

We hope you have a very SAFE & FUN summer!

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