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Every Child Deserves a Bright & Clear Future

80% of Learning is Visual

25% of Children Have a Vision Problem

75% of School Age Children Have Not Had a Comprehensive Eye Exam

It's Back-to-School time and everyone is rushing to get the first day outfit, new sneakers, all the school supplies, and trying to get back into a routine. But there's an essential item most people forget about when they are planning for the school year- an EYE EXAM!

A comprehensive eye exam is recommended between 6-12 months of age, at 3 years old and yearly thereafter. As children grow taller, their eyes go through a lot of changes so it is important to have them evaluated every year, even if they seem OK and they pass a vision screening.

Think about how much we use our eyes to learn. 80% of learning is visual and if a child is not seeing well, having trouble with eye teaming, eye fatigue, or double vision it will be much harder to learn. Even your child can see far away, they may struggle with near work and not even know it. We see many children who are having trouble with reading comprehension because their eyes cannot sustain focus or a single image long enough to fully comprehend what they are reading. This is not caught on vision screenings and without a comprehensive eye exam, parents and the child don't know it's a problem!

Here are some skills needed for effective learning:

  • Visual Acuity - the ability to see clearly

  • Eye Focusing - the ability to quickly & accurately maintain clear vision

  • Eye Tracking - the ability to keep the eyes on a target when moving from object to object

  • Eye Teaming - the ability to coordinate and use both eyes together

  • Visual Perception - the ability to organize images and remember what is read

If it has been over a year since your child has had a comprehensive eye exam, be sure to schedule one today! We want to help our youth reach their fullest potential and we can do that by ensuring they have clear vision and health eyes!

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