What Eye Care SHOULD be

There are a few special reasons why The Eye Care Studio exists today- one of the most important is to provide patients with the highest standard of care in a personable and compassionate environment. Dr. Ame Cline has been serving patients for over 15 years in many different settings. Over that time, she never found the right combination of services, technology, and customer service that she believes patients deserve. So, she decided to create it herself!

We believe patients deserve time with their doctor to fully discuss their symptoms, concerns and questions. Too often, patients are rushed through their appointment and leave feeling unfulfilled by their experience. We schedule one hour for every adult comprehensive exam so we have the time to fully evaluate your eye health, your systemic health as it applies to your ocular system and address any concerns you may have. Every patient may not need the entire hour but we have it reserved just in case. In addition to the basic prescription check and health screening you will find at other offices, we perform a dry eye screening, retinal photography and digital peripheral vision testing on every patient. We have made theses part of our standard of care because we believe everyone deserves them and shouldn't have to pay extra charges when these provide such valuable information for the patient and the doctor.


We also believe that our patients deserve quality products that will last, provide the clearest vision, and hopefully add some fun and excitement to our patients' lives. When it comes to frames and lenses, you often get what you pay for. Sure, you can find pair of glasses for cheap and they might get you by, but you really deserve to see your best and feel your best. Poorly made lenses and frames not only affect your ability to see clearly, they can also cause eyestrain, headaches, nausea, and other symptoms. We have done a lot of research to find the highest quality frames and lenses for a reasonable cost. We only carry products that we use ourselves or would be happy to have our family using. We have a lot of fun picking out unique frames that will bring a smile to your face every time you see them. That doesn't mean they have to be crazy- some of our favorites fall in the conservative category, but they have unique qualities and are made of best-in-industry materials that differentiate them from the ones you see at big box stores.


Lastly, we believe in exceeding our patient's expectations. We take our relationship with our patients very seriously and consider it in everything we do. We truly appreciate when someone allows us to take part in their care and work diligently to fulfill their needs. We've added little touches throughout the office to make our patients feel appreciated and important. We hope you feel like you are visiting friends when you stop in for your exam or to pick up your glasses. We often tell patients to come hang out anytime and we mean it!

We hope this helps you understand why The Eye Care Studio was created as well as what we think eye care should be. We truly believe our patients deserve the best and we work every day to make that happen!

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