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The Eye Care Studio will be closed November 24th & 25th for Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy the holiday with those you love most!

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We have installed our new exhibit and will be hosting a Community Gallery Night on Thursday November 3rd. Please join us to see the new artwork, meet the artists, and enjoy refreshments, giveaways and raffles. We look forward to seeing you!

Fall & Winter Eye Care Tips


Ensure your eyes stay healthy & comfortable during the cooler, drier months!

If your eyes feel more dry, irritated, red, or blurry during our fall and winter months, these are some easy options to help:

  • Consider adding a preservative free artificial tear to your morning and evening routines. It will help hydrate your eyes, much like lotion does our skin. Our favorite brands: Retaine MGD, Systane, & Optase

  • Use a tea tree oil lid wash to cleanse your eye lids and lashes in the evening. This will help keep your natural bacteria under control as well as clean away dust allergens. Our favorite brands: We Love Eyes & TranquilEyes* Use a moist heat eye mask for 10 minutes per day to help your eyes produce better quality natural tears. Not only does it feel like a little spa treatment, but you will notice your eyes feel, see and look better! Our favorite brands: DERM & Bruder

  • If you wake up feeling dry, consider sleeping with a humidifier.

  • If the skin around your eyes feels dry, consider an eye cream that hydrates without harmful chemicals. This skin is very thin and sensitive and can react to harsher ingredients and fragrances. An alternative is adding a hypochlorous spray which will hydrate the entire eye lid area. Our favorite brands: We Love Eyes & Twenty/Twenty Beauty

  • Choose eye makeup products that are free from harsh chemicals to help reduce any extra irritation. Our favorite brands: Twenty/Twenty Beauty & Eyes are The Story

We carry our favorite brands for each of these categories in the office. Stop by anytime to pick them up! If you need help with the best options for you or your symptoms are worsening, please call us!

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