My Eyes Water All the Time… How Can I Have Dry Eye Disease?

Dry Eye Syndrome, better described as Ocular Surface Disease, is present in nearly 1 in 3 adults. It is a complicated condition that can make day to day activities difficult and uncomfortable. Common symptoms include redness, blur, gritty sensation, light sensitivity, excessive tearing, eyestrain, and pain. Ocular Surface Disease can be caused or exacerbated by age, hormones, medications, environment, auto-immune conditions, diabetes, thyroid disease, digital use and more.

One very important part of our evaluation looks at the QUANTITY and QUALITY of your naturally produced tears. Oftentimes, patients have tears that are plenty in quantity but lacking in QUALITY. This means the tears they produce cannot stay on the eyes- they either evaporate too quickly or leak off the eyes. In response, our eyes are left without adequate hydration which leads to inflammation and reflexive tearing to try to cover the eyes with fluid. This leads to even more leaking of tears which is why some patients with Ocular Surface Disease notice their eyes water all the time.

If you think you might have Ocular Surface Disease or have any of the symptoms above, schedule an evaluation today and we can assess the many components that may be causing you discomfort. Luckily we have a plethora of treatments that can help get you feeling and seeing better!

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