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We offer the highest standard of care in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases, disorders, and injuries of the entire ocular system.  

Advances in technology help us evaluate ocular health in easier, more comfortable, and more efficient ways.  We can detect and treat ocular diseases earlier and better than ever before!

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Comprehensive Exams

Children's Vision

Eye Diseases & Injuries

Dry Eye Treatment

Surgical Co-Management

Comprehensive Eye Care

We believe glasses are the most

important fashion accessory you

choose- they express your personality and can make you feel and look good just by putting them on!  Our office  offers artfully curated, hand-made selections of the very best independent eyewear.  

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Myopia (near-sightedness) is a growing epidemic across the world.  This condition not only affects a person's quality of life but it also has major eye health risks.


We are very excited to offer new technology that helps us control the progression of myopia in children with early signs and family histories of poor distance vision.


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Myopia Management

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