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Multi-Pair Savings


Eyeglasses are a lot like shoes- Often, one pair won’t work for every situation! 


In addition to your primary pair of glasses you may need glasses for the following needs: reading, computer,  sunglasses, backup, sport or occupation specific glasses, in addition to a dressy, fun, sporty, or conservative pair. We have a special savings offer to help you meet all your visual needs!

2nd Pair is 20% OFF

3rd pair is 30% OFF

4th Pair is 40% OFF

5th Pair is 50% OFF

All pairs must be for the same patient and purchased within 60 days of the primary pair.

Frame & Lens Package Savings

We have worked with our vendors to offer high quality frames paired with premium lens technology.   You won’t have to sacrifice quality or style!

Adult Single Vision (Distance or Reading Only)       $249        (with Anti-Glare Coating  $299)

Adult Progressive (No-Line Bifocal)                          $349        (with Anti-Glare Coating  $399)

Kids Package                                                                 $119         (with Anti-Glare Coating  $159)

Cannot be combined with vision plans or insurance. Cannot be used as primary pair with multi-pair discounts.  Prices subject to change.

Glasses & Contact Lens Savings

Our contact lens wearers need a good pair of glasses to wear when they need a break from contacts, want sunglasses to wear with their contacts, or just want another option for vision correction.

When you purchase a six month or year supply of contact lenses you are eligible for great discounts on your glasses!

 Annual Supply of Contact Lenses Purchase:

                25% OFF Prescription Glasses

                30% OFF Non-Prescription Sunglasses

6 Month Supply of Contact Lenses Purchase:

                20% OFF Prescription Glasses

                25% OFF Non-Prescription Sunglasses

Contact Lens Savings

 We have significant rebates available for most contact lens purchases.  Ask us for details on your specific brand!

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